It might sound weird but I’m trying to become the central figure of my life. To be here… and now… It can be a long journey. Couple years ago I had no idea where to start…

I started with a simple exercise: I took a piece of paper, set the timer for 10 minutes, and freed my mind. Imagine that you’re the central figure of your life. Just write down your dreams, all the crazy things you would like to do and achieve in your life. Don’t think about job, kids, partner, friends. It’s all about you! There’s only one rule: put aside other people’s opinions, attitudes, expectations and take a lot of space, take all the space in your life.

Recently I found that piece of paper and was actually surprised that happiness consists of quite simple things, that some of the dreams are reachable by hand.

I would like to share my two-year-old dream list:

I want to start my business,

I want to scuba dive,

I want to be on a boat,

I want new shoes, new hairstyle,

I want to polish my nails,

I want to earn more money,

I want to have a job,

I want to knit, sew, draw, paint,

I want to go to Disneyland,

I want to show Eifel Tower and LEGOLAND to my kids,

I want a nice couch,

I want a cozy home,

I want to fall asleep besides someone I love,

I want to go to NYC,

I want to climb the mountains,

I want my kids to be healthy,

I want to lay in snow,

I want to ride a motorcycle,

I want to lay on the water surface,

I want Italian ice-cream,

I want to hug my mom and dad,

I want to forget,

I want to learn Photoshop,

I want to take nice pictures,

I want to have a cup of coffee with a friend,

I want to hold my boys, touch their hair,

I want new skirt,

I want sushi,

I want to be under water,

I want to move and do,

I want to go to Iceland,

I want to have more friends,

I want to climb Mount Everest,

I want to go to Africa,

I want to knit a new scarf.


It’s nice to notice that so many of my wishes have already came true. It means a lot to me… It means I’m on the right path and I’m living MY LIFE.


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