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The concept for the WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN website began when its founders decided to create an online women’s group that brought women together one-on-one to privately and confidentially share their mutual stories. The goal was for this community of women empowering other women to learn and grow from each other in order to find success. The founders of Women Empowering Women realized that certain “universal” obstacles have created a society of women who have not been able to realize their true potential. Some of the most common road blocks that our online women’s groups discuss include:

  • Gender inequality, race discrimination, and age bias
  • Undervalue and/or disrespect of creativity and talent
  • Lack of time and resources resulting in sacrifices of health and well-being
  • Lack of exposure to opportunity and the tools to express ideas to pursue and advance a career
  • Demands of protecting/nurturing a family vs. investing in personal relationships and a career or entrepreneurship

The online women’s group of Women Empowering Women found a way to facilitate women helping women to learn, connect, and succeed. WEW invites you to experience female empowerment with real tools from eager women who want to empower other women like you to change your life.

Areas we focus on to lead a better life:

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Start making changes that enable you to take control of your life and future.
By making smart decisions, let your savings grow while you are having fun!
Your health is the most important aspect of your life and should not be ignored. Don’t let work or personal stress take control of your life. We’ll help you invest in your health.
Learn ways to take your career to the next level and accomplish greater success. Discover what drives your decisions and find happiness in your professional life.
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