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Women Empowering Women

The goal of Women Empowering Women is to build a global community of women and experts who can benefit from each other.


Women Empowering Women enables women to gain insight and knowledge in key areas of their lives. In this section of our website, WEW provides articles written by experts and caring women who want to empower other women to be their best, personally and professionally.


Women Empowering Women understands that women have an inherent need to communicate with other women and to nurture others. That’s why for a limited time, we are offering Membership for free.


How do members of Women Empowering Women succeed? By sharing and learning from many of our individual empowerment group members. WEW members empower one another to make positive changes in their lives and to build happier, healthy families and futures.

Women Empowering Women


If you look at all of the negative issues and dangerous problems facing the United States currently, the common denominator to them is the utter deterioration of our educational system. Our lack of appreciation of the Constitution, the importance of the right to vote, obesity and other health issues, financial illiteracy and many common-sense concepts that used to be learned at the dinner table can all be attributed to the deterioration of education.

Our goal at WempoweringW is to harness the power of the women’s movement to recognizing and changing this reality. Our school systems have regressed to nothing more in most cases to daycare centers.

Mentoring for Women
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