Dear Love of My Life,

I haven’t met you yet, but hopefully one day we will meet. I will be fine if you don’t show up in my life. I know I will. At least, I want to believe of your existence. I hope you will come, I’m just not ready yet… I need time to get a clearer picture of you, my love. Hope it won’t take too long and soon we can meet. I miss you a lot. Your beautiful deep eyes and the way you look at me. The feeling when we hold each others’ hands and our fingertips meet. The calmness that I feel when I put my head on your shoulder. The passion we feel for each other.

Please, don’t take too long… I want to fall asleep in your arms, looking at your face, feeling your warm breath. I want to wake up every morning by your side, watching you smile. Our eyes start shining when our glances meet. We share a strong feeling, desire, which feels easy and calm on our souls and fills our hearts with lightness. We are like two angels flying high to the sky. Because together we can fly. I can borrow your wing and fly on my own. You can borrow my wing and you can fly to reach the sky and bring down the warmth.

You love me the way I am, with all my imperfections. You hug me when I start panicking. You laugh when I forget keys and burn the the potatoes. You are by my side when I’m in trouble. You dry tears from my sad face. I’m perfect the way I am and you are perfect the way you are. You are soft and gentle. Everyday feels better as we travel together through this life.

I have to be patient, I know, I cannot rush anything. You will come when the time comes… and I’ll be waiting for you and dreaming of you. Sorry, but I don’t know what I could give to you… my body warmth, my time, my love and care. I will listen to all your problems, I will make you coffee in the morning, and pancakes (if you like them). I will be mother to our curly girl. I am a good mother.

Just promise you won’t hurt me…


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