When it comes to shopping I both like it and hate it. For some unknown reason I find it very hard to pass by a shop that screams SALE. Even though there are sales, Black Fridays, sample sales almost every day, I still find it hard to resist just checking what’s on sale. Yesterday, I came back home with a bag full of “amazing things”. Unfortunately, when I tried on my bargains I realized that I ended up with a pair of very inconvenient jeans, a jumpsuit of a horrible color, and trousers that are impossible to wear. I have experienced similar situation so many times… Why I end up buying things just because they are “cheap”. At the end it is expensive to buy things one will not use. I know I’m not the only one who has shopping issues. At least my mother is the same… Maybe it’s hereditary? What happens to me?

I am aware of marketing strategies, but apparently sale tricks work quite well with many of us. Even though I hate consumerism and try to keep away from fashion trends that, I believe, are created to spin the wheel of consumerism. I still get soaked by it. So far I came up with those tips for my consumerist self:

  • Before entering the shop ask yourself: is there anything I need at this particular shop?
  • When the inner voice starts mumbling: “it would be nice to have a new pair of shoes, pillow cases, rug, vase”, … Firmly answer: “I can definitely live another five years without it”. If you cannot live without this thing, when you should go for it. Also, I’m talking about unplanned, spontaneous shopping.
  • Stay loyal to yourself and your style. Believe me, you will never feel and look good with inconvenient shoes or clothes. Don’t buy things or certain colors just because they are trendy at the moment.
  • Buy shoes and clothes of the right size. Don’t buy clothes that will look so good once you loose those extra pounds you have been struggling to loose for the last couple years. However, be aware that some fabrics can stretch or shrink. From my experience, denim clothes tend to stretch after wearing, but get their shape back after washing. Cotton and linen tend to shrink. Therefore, it is important to follow washing instructions. Also, when it comes to children, it is better to buy slightly bigger clothes or shoes.
  • Always look at the labels on the inside of the garment. Have in mind that certain types of wool and synthetic can feel itchy. Don’t forget to check cleaning instructions. Dry cleaning can be very expensive and time consuming. Also, if you are like me, hand washing is not something you have time or enjoy doing.
  • Some people get personal shopping assistance and it might be worth it.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you made a shopping mistake or were caught by marketing trap. Most of the places accept returns. Just don’t keep clothes or shoes that you might wear someday. There’s a high chance that this day will never come.

Happy shopping! And more reading for those who want to know more about Why We Buy The Things We Buy?


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