To be poised is to have both a mental and physical mastery over yourself.  It’s clarity and forthrightness under pressure. It’s steadfast confidence and decisive, rational action. It’s phronesis, strength, and composure.

Poise is shown in the graceful and elegant bearing of a person. It is the lost skill of a lady. But you would never know the world didn’t have enough of it until it has sauntered passed you like a breath of fresh air. In general, there are three main tenets of poise: grace, posture, and composure.

  1.   Poise and Grace

In order to embody grace and femininity you need to have poise. It is shown in the way you walk, speak, and present yourself. It’s what makes the difference between a Miley Cyrus and a Grace Kelly. People used to purposefully study to cultivate deportment, control, and refinement. You see that with the actress Grace Kelly. Miley Cyrus, the singer, is on the opposite end of the spectrum cultivates shock value instead.

When you watch a Grace Kelly film or many other old Hollywood films, you’ll see echoes of poise in the way the women behaved and carried themselves. They had a finesse in their manner and speech that was graceful and elegant, but strong. They commanded respect while subtly exuding attractiveness and charm. Grace Kelly was famous for this. It always seemed as if she didn’t walk through the door but floated through it.

Years ago, girls were given lessons in poise and deportment. It was the true mark of a classy lady. Nowadays, people associate this type of behavior as being synonymous with restraint. But poise has nothing to do with inhibiting yourself and everything to do with the mastery over emotional anxiety and chaos. It’s not etiquette classes that are missing nowadays; it’s the acknowledgement about the power of being poised under pressure.

  1.   Poise and Posture

The physical embodiment of poise is shown in a formidable stature and posture. Standing tall, erect, and with your shoulders back makes it appear like you’re going to meet a challenge head on without blinking. This is true for men as it is for women.

But for women they combine posture with having a grace of movement, which is incredibly powerful and seductive. Like a ballet dancer; every movement made is smooth and purposeful; firm yet soft. It’s amazing to watch and you simply cannot fake that.

  1.   Poise and Composure

Sometimes life gets the best of you; a stressful day, an unfortunate event, or a difficult person. Your emotions are fiery and impatient. Composure is being in the eye of the storm and having the self-reliance to stand still. Only in this way can you think with the clearest of mind and charge through to the other side.

The secret to composure is having trust in your own abilities and mind. It’s a deep-rooted strength that is irreplaceable. You’re not a slave to your emotions. They are contained and controlled in the healthiest way. Women with poise know how to remain composed in a trying situation.

Why You Want Poise

The errant enormity of useless worry or inconsequential movement is absent when you have poise. You walk with confidence and move with a gentle ease. Your tone of your voice is both calming and reassuring. Why wouldn’t you want this.

Poise is a trait that every great leader should have in the moment of a crisis. It leads to aptitude through think clearly. A calm manner is what sets the example for those around you, thereby providing the hope and the strength to get through a situation.

So, what is poise really, then?

Poise is grace under fire. Poise is the person standing in strong repose; focused and confident; never stirred by the trivial and always acting with an air of elegance.


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