WEW Ownership is Going “Quasi Public”


What does going “Quasi Public” mean?

WEW LLC is about to become very unique (and possibly the first!) to create ownership opportunities for its members. Our goal is to have the people who contribute the most and benefit the most from WEW, share in all the benefits of ownership of the website without any of the liabilities associated with ownership.

This will be based on their contributions of thoughts, ideas and articles and their continued help in growing WEW. Ownership will be through Phantom Stock. The Phantom Stock will grant shares that represent the equivalent of legal ownership without voting rights but all of the benefits of ownership in the asset value of the website. As the value of the site grows, and the revenues grow, participation right through to a sale if that were to happen. There is no legal obligation to contribute money.

The details of how to be granted Phantom Stock are solely based on the decision of a committee comprised of present owners and highly respected advisors.

When you consider our mission to create more influence and stature for women in the world the contribution factor becomes self-evident.

All those who help to build this site, accomplish our goals, and help grow our site traffic and influence will be rewarded and benefit from their efforts.

We’ve identified the following set of subjects as the basis for capturing your thoughts and best ideas:

  • Education
    Three decades of decline in education
    Limited access to good education for minorities
  • Government
    Government size and waste
  • Pandemic
    Coverage and confusion
  • Elections
    Voting irregularities and control
  • Media Bias
    End of objective journalism
  • Obesity Epidemic
    Obesity as a major health crisis, increasing healthcare costs
  • Fair Taxation
    What does fair taxation look like?
  • Welfare
    High cost of welfare abuse and impact on families in need

    We feel it is these subjects that are the key to the problems facing all of us in the United States and most of the world today.

    From an evaluation of all that is submitted, will be the basis for the first-round award of Phantom Stock. We are targeting the first round to represent 10% of WEW ownership.

    Is WEW, LLC becoming a publicly traded company? No, we are not making a public offering – and, there are no shares available for purchase. We’re awarding shares to active members like you for investing your time and helping to build our community!

    How does it work? Receive shares for submitting original content and being published following review by our independent editorial board.


    Why is WEW, LLC giving away ownership in its platform?

    WEMPOWERINGW.COM has always been about YOU!

    Online communities have benefited from the sacrifice of their active members for nearly as long as the Internet has existed. From its inception in 2016, WEW, LLC has maintained a commitment to enrich the lives of our members by nurturing engagement and recognizing individual participation.

    With this program, we’re now demonstrating our commitment to the active members who are building our community. We believe these active members deserve to reap the reward for making WEMPOWERINGW.COM the success it has become.


    Who is eligible?

    Each registered member of our WEW, LLC online community is eligible to receive shares. Shares will be awarded on a quarterly basis, based on participation as outlined below.


    How are ownership shares awarded?

    Registered members are awarded shares for their contributions, and their contributions’ reception by the WEW community. Submit original content for review by our independent editorial board. Positive engagements, such as upvotes and comments posted to your published article by other members of our WEW community, are factors.

    Remember, for a limited time, membership is free. There is absolutely nothing to buy to become eligible!


    When will the first shares be issued?

    Beginning January 1, 2022 the first sitewide analysis of member-published content and member comments during the preceding 3 month period will determine WEMPOWERINGW.COM shares to be awarded. Receive an emailed statement when shares are transferred into your account.

    Terms and restrictions

    Shares are of no monetary value, and are non-transferrable. You must be an active registered member of WEMPOWERINGW.COM to be eligible to receive and retain shares. Members who have not accessed their account for a 12-month period will be classified as inactive and forfeit their shares.

    To discourage spam, bots and other fake accounts, eligibility is restricted to one IP Address.


    Unique as YOU!

    How are our new WEW Ownership Shares different from other online communities?

    Receive a portion from every dollar of profit generated by WEMPOWERINGW.COM, including merger or sale of the website. As far as we know, no other online community is making this offer!

    • Nothing to purchase

    • Ownership shares are awarded for your participation

    • Profit from shared ownership in the community you love!

    JOIN NOW: Membership is FREE for a limited time.

    Earn ownership shares in exchange for your participation!

    Free Membership

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